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Carl Meyers dress at pedicure station

Beautiful People Doing Beautiful Things at Beautiful Places

Carl Meyers is the place for sophisticated style.

We were honored to collaborate with the Lexington premier women's clothing boutique to help style our Slim Aaron's Palm Beach inspired photo shoot.

Carl Meyers is experienced in contemporary elegance and their stylists provide world-class service.

Our experience with owner, Sherri Mosley and stylist, Haley Gatewood blew us away. They curated the most beautiful looks complete with hats from their milliner, Katie Whaley.

We are grateful for the collaboration and support. Thank you to Carl Meyers from one small business owner to another.

Be sure to check out and shop Carl Meyers. Experience their beauty for yourself.

an epic night from 1960's with clients

Working Hard but Playing Harder

At The Salon, we work so hard that one way we maintain a healthy work-life balance is to play even harder.

Pictured are some throwbacks from the '60s.

Our parties have and continue to be the stuff of legend, and we're proudly carrying on that tradition of working hard but playing harder.

Anything else would be boring?

hair care products in pride colors

Safe & Free Gender Affirming Hair Care

Beauty changes lives. Tuesdays after 2 PM, we provide safe and free gender affirming hair care with stylist Clair Mills.

Joan Rivers and Alan Garrett

Encounter with a Comedy and Fashion Icon

The Salon at Wellington Arms has always had a good relationship with the horse industry.

In the days of Timothy’s, Alan and Timothy would frequently be summoned to horse farms to do the hair of not only the residents, but their guests from out of town.

One such guest was a comedy and fashion icon, whose name you will certainly recognize.

Alan arrived at the guest house and rang the door bell. The door flew open and standing before him was none other than the late and great Joan Rivers.

She immediately scolded him,“YOU’RE LATE!,” which obviously mortified him. He had drove around in order to be right on time, so he said, "No, I'm not!" Her face quickly burst into a smile and she told Alan, “Oh, come on in.”

Contrary to her fierce public persona, Alan has since described Joan Rivers as, “the most charming person.”

The two had a blast laughing and joking while Alan did her hair for the races. She even tried setting Alan up with a friend of hers who worked for Margaret Thatcher, but that’s a story for another time.